2010 North Conway

This a our yearly one week stay in North Conway NH.  We have a timeshare at the Eastern Slope Inn right on Main Street in downtown North Conway.  Usually, due to the kids ages, we do the standard trips to Storyland and Santa’s Village, however, they are getting older and we have progressed to hiking and doing other nature related things while there.

This year we started the week off with a trip to Mount Washington.  For those not familiar with New Hampshire, Mount Washington is the tallest mountain on the eastern seaboard.  It is know for the strongest and worst storms and for rapidly changing weather patterns.  However, when weather cooperates, it is also the site of the most breath taking views of the East Coast, and on good days you can see right across Maine to Nova Scotia. It is part of the presidential mountain range, and you can hike from it to several other tall peaks located around the Great Gulf.  This year we took the Automile to the top (tough on the brakes on the way down) and the kids did short hikes from the viewing platforms.  To accentuate the size of the mountain, the day we went there, the temperature at the bottom was 95 degrees F and at the summit it was 45 degrees F. We went from clear blue skies to overcast and fog, with complete changes with minutes.

Kids on upper platform

Top of the world

Pete and kids on the way down, waiting for brakes to cool

Mini-golfing in town

Place across the street from the Inn for making cupcakesMaia at Cupcakery

They loved making these cupcakes, but they were a little too sweet for their tastes and thus Erin and I got to eat them.



Hard at Work at Cupcakery










We got to kids to do a little hiking this year and saw the largest waterfall in NH;

Female Moose on the side of the road

Arethusa Falls, a 2 mile hike into the woods

Short Hike into Diana's Bath




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