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Sill Plate and Demo

This past weekend Ryan replaced the rotted sill plate under the front door and finished securing the smaller beam in the basement!  Jacking up work is done!

New sill plate piece

On Sunday with the help of Ryan’s dad they got the rest of the demo done in preparation for putting in dormers.  I had to unwire/rewire a bit and we will need to do cleanup (dumpster) eventually but for now we are ready for dormers as soon as we get good weather on a weekend!

Smaller bedroom – ready for a dormer

master bedroom ready for a dormer

We were hoping for no rain this weekend (3 day weekend) but that’s not going to work out so we’ll have to work on another project this weekend instead and hope the weekend after is better.


The weekend before last we spent all day Saturday working on filling our dumpster … so bathroom demo time!  We got a good portion of the upstairs bathrooms demo’d and I took up carpet tacks and trim off of 2 of the bedrooms upstairs when there was no room in a bathroom for 2 people :)

Door frames removed from closets – this one is ready for a dormer!

Back bedroom – I got most of the trim and all carpet tacks up in here. Not a lot to do in this room hopefully over all.

Master bathroom – toilet and sink/vanity removed

Small bathroom – sink and toilet removed

Looking from master bathroom through wall to smaller bathroom (where sink and toilet were)

We’re going to get the boat out of the water this week and get it ready for winter (clean it out, get it winterized and covered).  Friday we meet with the HVAC guy that did the blower test on the house to get a quote on heating system options and plans.  That’s our first thing we need to get done – heat – before it gets cold!

2 Beams done

Technically we are done jacking up all 3 of the beams we installed (thanks to Ryan’s Dad’s help today – they got it finished up) but 2 of the beams are really finished (bracket installed).  We have to drill holes in the steal brackets for the 3rd beam still.

Bracket with 4×4 in front as extra support

Beams with the extra supports/jacks removed

We still have some jacking up to do – we have another beam to add on the other side and the front needs to be jacked up to remove the rotted sill plate in one section and replace it.

Tuesday we are having someone come out to do some tests and design out our heating system (planning on doing a geothermal system).  Once that work is done we can complete the planned demo and start working on the construction projects like dormers!

Jacking up the house

We had a very productive weekend.  We got 2 beams (doubled LVLs) installed with jacks – the real posts are on order so we are waiting for those.  In the mean time we were able to start jacking up the original beam and our 2 new beams.  We can’t just jack up all the sag at once, just a little at a time so most nights this week we’ll go to the house and lift it a bit each time.  We anticipate lots of cracks in the sheetrock and popped tiles but that’s a good sign and all repairable down the road!

A view of most of the beams – we have one more to install on the other side of the stairs but this is a great start.

The far beam was a ton of work – we couldn’t have done it without using dad’s sheetrock lift – that was his great idea!

We also got our couch out of storage and now have a place to rest in the livingroom!

A productive weekend for sure.  Next weekend is camping!!! Can’t wait and hoping for continued good weather.

Footings done

Last weekend Ryan finished up the footings Friday night and Sunday morning.

They look great!  We had trouble finding the right size adjustable posts and actually had to order them off of amazon of all places for building materials!  We spent our day off (Monday) making some brackets to support the beams and starting to put the first one up.  This is going to be a lot of work with Ryan doing it mostly by himself this weekend while I watch the kids.  Hopefully we can get the beams up and start jacking them up (we need to raise the house quite a bit in some places so it can’t all be done at once.

Once this project is done we can start working upstairs … after labor day since we plan on camping again this year!


The first full project we have to do at the new house is some structural work – adding some new supports in the basement to take the wave out of the floors, there just isn’t enough support down there currently.

Ryan started digging (jack hammer) the holes for new footings for some new posts we’ll add in.  This past weekend he got 4 holes done, 1 more to go then he’ll pour the footings.

The holes, nice and square!

Each will be 2x2x1 ft footing

Ryan is hoping to do the last hole some night this week.  It sure is a hot and humid week!  We have a 4 day weekend coming up – lots of house work planned!

Basement Project

Ryan took Friday off last week and we spent the day at the lake house.  I had the girls so didn’t do much myself but he got the insulation all removed from the basement ceiling!

On Sunday I did the final basement cleanup (sweeping and bagging up the tiny things – mostly mouse poop) and vacuuming.  The basement is ready for the next step next weekend!

On Saturday Alex went up to camp with her grandparents so we had just Bella which meant I had some time to help out a bit when she napped.  I got the tack pieces and trim out of the back room downstairs and Ryan and I started taking up the particle board in that room – upstairs we plan to leave it but in this room it was gross and had to come up – it’s not an easy project!  We got about 1/2 done.

Ryan also got some trim removed upstairs (no pictures due to lighting).  On Sunday we went around and removed all the window trim that we needed to so we could take measurements and get windows ordered.  We didn’t plan to order this early but we already picked out the kind we want (Anderson 400) and they are having a 10% off sale this week so we decided to put the order in and we’ll have them when we need them.  Always good to save some money.



Evenings and weekend work has continued at the new house, we have a dumpster now so it’s a bit easier to cart everything out.  All the doors have been removed, all carpet except for a few stair treads has been removed.  2 walls have been removed in the bedrooms where the dormers will go.

Master bedroom – dormer and closets will go here.

Downstairs smaller room – carpet removed

Downstairs larger room carpet removed and evidently we’ll be removing this particle board stuff too!

Staircase – carpet removed from most of it.

Last weekend was busy as we had a family pig roast to attend out west and then we spent sunday with family and out buying a boat (lots of driving!).  Next weekend we should have our new (to us) boat and we’ll also be spending the night at the new house, and a 3 day work weekend on the house.  The basement work will get started next!

A new home

Even though the blog has been quiet it’s been an eventful 2 months.  First off – our second little one arrived almost 3 weeks early (like her sister) – June 11 – Isabella Georgiana.  She was 6lbs 10oz and was healthy as could be.  She’s 6 weeks old now and growing like a weed.  Her sister just adores her and that particular transition went better than I had hoped!

Also in June we closed on our Nashua house – it’s officially in new hands now that will hopefully love and appreciate it as much as we did.  We’ve actually been in touch with the new owners a bit via email answering questions.

Around the same time we found a new house that we couldn’t pass up – it’s 2.5 acres on a lake, very private property (surrounded by trees) with large yards.  It’s a cape cod style house – 2 floors, 3 bedrooms upstairs with 2 baths upstairs (one master).  It was built in 1974 and has never been updated so it has some work to do but nothing like our last project!

Our first night owning the house and we had already unloaded a trailer full :)

This weekend Ryan started right in on some projects!  First he mowed the lawn, our trailer makes it easy to borrow his dad’s mower so he had a rider and it still took quite a long time.

We won’t move in right away, we’d like to get the upstairs renovations done before we move in so that is done and we have a finished space to live in, no moving beds around.  We will spend nights there so we are moving in to certain rooms – the kitchen for one is a future renovation so we’re moving in there, and the livingroom and diningroom will be a livingroom and bedroom most likely while we do renovations.  The garage and basement will store tools and other items and we’ll keep one storage unit for sure while we work on the house.

The first project Ryan did was tear up the carpet upstairs, it’s hot up there but he got all the carpet and most of the underlayment up.  He’s going to finish that up today.

Master bedroom – sans carpet

Back bedroom sans carpet

Front bedroom sans carpet

I’ll do some more posts with more pictures (before pictures) of the house and what we plan on doing.  Upstairs though we plan to put in 2 dormers (master bedroom and front bedroom), adding closet space to the master and light to the front bedroom.  We’ll replace the doors and trim and windows throughout.  We’ll add ceiling fans and add a new heating and a/c system throughout.  We’ll put down new wood flooring throughout and we’ll completely renovate the bathrooms.

Once those projects are done we can move in and start work on the downstairs projects more.  There’s some structural work that will happen very early on and other downstairs projects that will happen because it makes sense at the time to do things all at once but the kitchen, livingroom, bathroom, washer room downstairs will all wait until we move in.

One last project

On memorial day my husband and I drove out to the house to move a truck load of stuff out and for me to get a final look at the house and do some final packing up.

While there I got the last of the kitchen packed, he started on the endless empty the attic project and I organized the tools in the basement into boxes to get moved later.  Finally we ended the trip with one last home project – painting the floor of the back porch to match the stairs.

A nice grey to protect the ‘mud room’

As I was doing it and seeing how nice that back porch looks I was wishing we had done it sooner and enjoyed it.  It’s such a nice large room but alas – priorities, it all gets done just as we sell.

While out there we also met with the buyers who are SO sweet and excited about the house.  It made us feel so much better about selling knowing it’s going to a family that will appreciate it almost as much as we do :)

And that’s it for me, Ryan is going out the next 2 weekends to pack up the attic and basement and the rest of the furniture, hopefully we can fit it all in our new second storage unit (yes we already filled one).  I’m done traveling now that i’m almost 36 weeks pregnant and Alex arrived at 37.

Goodbye Nashua :)