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Dormer Update (late)

First off – Ryan did an amazing job closing up the second dormer quickly.  On the following Saturday he finished the roof on it (Nov 14) while I was out of town.

The windows arrived last friday and that night Ryan got the first one put in already!  He put the second one in on Saturday and got them sealed up with trim on Sunday.  He also installed the small window over the garage so Alex’s room has 2 new windows now!  Both dormers have plywood flooring now too.

New window friday night

Flooring in dormer

Other dormer floor

Windows installed on both dormers! 

I was away with Bella Saturday night through Sunday but got photo updates as the trim went up!

Window has trim!

The second with trim

The small window replaced with new trim

We are using Axek for the trim around the windows.  The brown siding is vinyl and we haven’t found a perfect match yet (we found matching style but no colors match perfectly) so we haven’t pulled the trigger on new siding yet for the dormers.

Our HVAC equipment is all here and Ryan’s cousin is starting on duct work this week (and they got the attic unit up into the attic last night).  Progress everywhere – hopefully soon the outside stuff will be done and we won’t be so weather dependent – it has been COLD on the weekends!

Dormer Progress

We got hit with rain this week – especially on Wednesday which was the day Ryan and his dad hoped to finish up the dormer.  THey worked in the rain but they couldn’t finish the roof shingles in the rain so they just finished up the soffit (closed it in) and Ryan got the window cut.  They also put down plywood for floor in the first dormer so that floor is nice and solid now.

Hmm I didn’t seem to take pictures once it was all closed up so here are some pictures from Monday’s progress when they ad started the roof (ran out of shingles) – after this they closed up the front and as I said, as of Wednesday the soffit is closed up and the window is cut and everything is sealed.  Just waiting on windows and siding now!!!

Dormer 2 roof going on

A side view

Our new (to us) cherry flooring!

I’ll update again after this weekend – Dormer should be finished up (until we get windows which may be next week!) and Ryan will hopefully take a little break sunday as the girls miss him on weekends quite a bit!

Dormer number two

It’s not really a surprise that dormer number 2 is going a bit faster than the first – lessons learned and all that!  Ryan and his dad worked 1/2 of Saturday and all day Sunday this weekend on the dormer.  Saturday morning Ryan went and picked up the wood we had milled into flooring – it’s cherry we got for free from someone my dad knows, and we had it milled – it came out beautiful!  It should be plenty to do both of the girls’ rooms!  The person that milled it also may be able to get us another chunk of cherry for a decent price to do our master bedroom too so the whole upstairs would be cherry.  He also recommended ash as an option for downstairs because it’s very hard and takes stain well and we can get it cheap.  That might be our plan now!

Anyhow so the dormer went fast!  Ryan had pre-built the front wall so it was a matter of doing all the cutting, then putting the wall up, and doing all the flashing Saturday.  Sunday they put up the side walls with plywood, then did the support post in the original roof, and all the roof beams.  Ryan took tomorrow off and hopes to get the plywood on the roof before it rains on tuesday.  Then Wednesday is a holiday so he hopes to do the shingles since his dad also has the day off.  Next weekend will be the buttoning up I’m sure.  I can’t believe how different the front of the house looks!

I love it!  And there’s so much added room in each of the bedrooms!

Tomorrow I will work from the new house so I’m there in case of emergency since Ryan will be working on the roof by himself!  Luckily we have internet at the new house now :)

Dormer work

We didn’t start dormer 2 this weekend – due to the supposed rain on sunday – that never came and it was beautiful on sunday – all well!  Ryan got a few things buttoned up on the first dormer and built the first wall for dormer 2 so it’s ready to go next weekend.

Window cut and seams taped

Another view

We also got more brush burned and a tree taken down (dead one) for firewood this winter.  We have a few more dead trees we’ll take down to burn and another pile of brush to work our way through still. We had a visit from a heron while we burned wood:

They drain the lake down in the winter so by our dock is just mud with a little water in the center.  It’s a great opportunity to clean up our area and get some downed trees and branches out – just need to bring my mud boots next weekend!


This weekend Ryan and his Dad spent most of the weekend closing up and putting a roof on the first dormer!  It was a lot of work but it’s pretty close to done now (obviously we are waiting on windows to arrive and we have to buy siding too which I think I found the matching kind so we may be good there now too).

So the soffit was closed up, the roof was taped, the valley was flashed and the new roof is on and is VERY close to matching the old!

Dormer has a roof

Another view

Now we need 2 more weekends and some evening time to do another one which will hopefully go a little faster the second time around we think.

Dormer work this week

So far Tuesday and Wednesday night we’ve been at the house so Ryan and his dad could work.  Mark got the chimney finished up – I think it needs one last cap piece to cover the center but otherwise it’s finished… it looks awesome!

Check out that fanciness!

I don’t have an updated picture of the dormer because they work until well after dark.  This is a picture from Monday I think so it shows the roof was started…

As of last night the roof is closed up but not yet taped.  That front triangle is still open.  So this weekend the plan is to finish this dormer up completely (get it taped up, closed up), frame out that window in the front etc.  We’ll wait until a future weekend before starting the next one!

We officially have internet at the new house too… Go Exede!

Check out that sharp looking dish

It’s been a long weekend/week, I hope/think we are taking tonight off and we’ll probably be back to the house Friday night and all weekend.  Tonight and tomorrow I need to work on Halloween costumes!

Busy Weekend – Dormer!

This weekend started out with Friday night – Ryan’s dad came over after work and continued work on the chimney!  It’s very close to done now and looks great with diamonds along the top!

On Saturday we had to go pick up our boat in the morning and got to the house around noon.  Ryan started on the first dormer right away, first finding center and cutting a hole in the roof!  Figures it started to hail shortly after that!  We had some cold weather for a weekend with a big hole in the roof!

Ryan’s dad helped all weekend and by the end of Saturday they had the hole all cut and the window all built and put up.  They had started the flashing (putting it under the shingles) until it was too dark to continue.  Sunday was an earlier start and they got the side walls up and closed in, then the roof put on.  The roof still needs to be covered and the soffit has to be finished.  They aren’t going to cut the window hole out until we get our windows.  I left early with the kids Sunday so the only picture I have is in progress but I’ll share what I have.  They covered it all up with a tarp and hopefully some night this week we can get over to work on it a bit.  It gets dark so early it’s tough.

Next weekend for sure Ryan will finish that one up and I assume start on the next.

A good view of hte size of the dormer. This was when I was leaving.

From the inside as they had started the roof

When I showed up sunday morning, flashing was done and the first side wall was about to go up!

I got some burning of brush done in our new pit, the girls helped out once quiet/nap time was over.  It was cold though so I got about 1/3 of one pile done before taking the kids back in.  The house was so cold even with heat on (hello hole in the roof) so the baby was not too happy on Sunday :)  She also doesn’t like running around doing errands and we had to do that a bit.

Here’s hoping for warmer weather next weekend – it sure was cold this morning with ice everywhere!

Fire pit and chimney

On Sunday Ryan built us a fire pit in the back yard – down near the lake.  The weather is exactly perfect for it and we’ll be able to burn our leaves and brush this fall.  It’s in a flat spot too so we can sit around it for an evening fire when we want!

On Monday Ryan and his dad had the day off so they started working on rebuilding the chimney!  What a beautiful job they did!  It looks so nice and once we get a new fireplace insert we can have indoor fires this winter too!

We also got the windows all ordered for the house, they will take at least 4 weeks so we won’t get them all installed this fall but hopefully some of the upstairs ones will get put in so we can do the indoor renovations upstairs over the winter!

We are working on a heating/cooling plan, Ryan’s cousin is going to do that for us.  We are moving away from geothermal as an option after pricing it out and seeing the return on investment in the range of 30 years – which is how long before you have to replace portions of the system – not worth it :(  But we have a few other options and once we make some decisions we will share!


Sill Plate and Demo

This past weekend Ryan replaced the rotted sill plate under the front door and finished securing the smaller beam in the basement!  Jacking up work is done!

New sill plate piece

On Sunday with the help of Ryan’s dad they got the rest of the demo done in preparation for putting in dormers.  I had to unwire/rewire a bit and we will need to do cleanup (dumpster) eventually but for now we are ready for dormers as soon as we get good weather on a weekend!

Smaller bedroom – ready for a dormer

master bedroom ready for a dormer

We were hoping for no rain this weekend (3 day weekend) but that’s not going to work out so we’ll have to work on another project this weekend instead and hope the weekend after is better.


The weekend before last we spent all day Saturday working on filling our dumpster … so bathroom demo time!  We got a good portion of the upstairs bathrooms demo’d and I took up carpet tacks and trim off of 2 of the bedrooms upstairs when there was no room in a bathroom for 2 people :)

Door frames removed from closets – this one is ready for a dormer!

Back bedroom – I got most of the trim and all carpet tacks up in here. Not a lot to do in this room hopefully over all.

Master bathroom – toilet and sink/vanity removed

Small bathroom – sink and toilet removed

Looking from master bathroom through wall to smaller bathroom (where sink and toilet were)

We’re going to get the boat out of the water this week and get it ready for winter (clean it out, get it winterized and covered).  Friday we meet with the HVAC guy that did the blower test on the house to get a quote on heating system options and plans.  That’s our first thing we need to get done – heat – before it gets cold!