Ready for Kitchen Reno

We’ve had a busy month getting prepped for our kitchen renovation and hopefully it goes smoothly.  This week Ryan took the week off and he and his dad are go-go-going with all the prep work.  First a recap of progress.

Dad came out and taped/spackled my office -the large room.  In the mean time Ryan spackled the playroom.  Last week we got the office sanded and Ryan and his dad primed it on Saturday so when I got home sunday I could clean it and set it up as my office, craft  room, music room, temporary diningroom and kids craft area.  It’s a large room luckily because it is packed to the max!  The table isn’t even moved in yet but will be.

Already packed but the office is primed!

Also over the weekend they got the old flooring up in the hallway and diningroom and new plywood down in both of those rooms.

Hallway floor – when the hallway is empty it’s so large!

Diningroom floor replaced

Yesterday was a big day – we did a little re-wiring in the basement and Ryan and Mark put in some new supports (2x10s) under where one of the kitchen posts would rest to firm it up.  Then they built and installed the beam in the diningroom which will be our replacement for the current wall that is there – we’ll have a nice open wall hopefully by the end of today!

New beam

This morning the guys brought all the cabinets in and stored them safely in the playroom.  They’ve been inspected and luckily all of them are in good shape!  No delay on the kitchen reno due to waiting for replacements or missing cabinets!

Cabinets! The blue ones are the island ones, the Dove white are around the rest of the kitchen

So prep work is all done – the last thing to do is finish emptying the kitchen.  We’re moving the kitchen out to the hallway for now (a long galley style) and i’m packing up any non-essentials.  The hardest thing will be having no sink or dishwasher – we have the bathroom sink right there but it’s quite small.  We’ll be able to use the stove and fridge/freezer just fine and even have cabinet/counter room as we’re moving that out to the hallway.

I think the plan is between today and tomorrow to demo the kitchen and the floor and get the new plywood down.  Thursday they’ll be starting to build it back up – put in the vent for the range hood, run electrical in both kitchen and diningroom.  On friday i’m taking the day off to finish any electrical and they’ll be building the knee wall and doing any sheet rock prep thursday and friday.

The hope (optimistic maybe) is to be sheetrocking this weekend!  Once sheetrock is up there’s the process of taping/spackling/sanding/priming before we can install cabinets so the sooner we can start that the better.

The other delay will be after cabinets are in, waiting for counters.  At this point we’re ahead of our ‘worst case’ schedule to get counters in before xmas so i”m hopeful we’re going to be able to get our kitchen finished and used (minus flooring which is going to be a later on project) before xmas!  Crossing fingers.


Work continues, we’ve had a few good weekends.  Dad came over one weekend and helped Ryan hang all the sheetrock in the office.  That room is cleaned up and empty now.  The playroom is also cleaned up , ramboard put down and Ryan has been taping a little each night – getting all the seams and corners – i think he has 2 upper corners left to tape so that will probably be done tonight, then time for next coats 🙂

Office sheetrocked!

Another view

Playroom taping progress

In other news we’ve officially ordered all our appliances now too for the kitchen – going with GE Cafe series and they have a rebate right now if you buy 3 appliances you get a free dishwasher – so that’s a great deal!!!  Ryan has his vacation week picked out to do the bulk start of the kitchen renovation.

On my plate is to start cleaning out/emptying the kitchen a bit of things we don’t use often – get them packed up for the next 2 months.


Well we pushed off sheetrocking another weekend (per my dad’s request) and since we had enough flooring (we noticed after we moved it and organized it) AND the playroom emptied out – Ryan decided to lay the flooring in the playroom this weekend!  It looks awesome – same cherry as upstairs.

Saturday progress (1/2 day)

And finished up early Sunday afternoon!

I’m so excited – 1 more project done and a big pile of wood removed (mostly) from the hallway!  On Sunday while Ryan was laying the floor and the kids were at Grandma’s house I did some electrical and then did our final kitchen design.

In the afternoon we went to home depot and ordered our cabinets and counters for our kitchen!

Kitchen colors

The main kitchen cabinets (around the fridge, and the outside walls of the kitchen) will be Dover (off white).  The island cabinets will be the Bali blue color!  The granite is white with grey/black speckles.  Below is a rendering that is pretty close to what it will look like.  We can’t fit a cabinet above the fridge so ryan will build a flat piece to make it line up with the cabinets and we’ll paint it to match.  The island will also have an overhang towards the window side of the kitchen that we can all sit around and eat if we’d like.

3d view of cabinets

Final cabinet layout

Fun stuff!  Now i’m really excited about the kitchen renovation – it will be a lot of work though and I’m just ignoring the fact that I’ll have to feed the family some how without a kitchen 🙂

Getting Ready for Sheetrock

It’s been a LONG while since I did a house update – we really took most of the summer off of house renovations but we are gearing up for a busy fall/winter!

The big project right now was emptying out the ‘office/craft room’ and the ‘playroom’.  The playroom was already sheetrocked but not taped so now that’s ready to be taped -toys are distributed throughout the house (bedrooms and livingroom and diningroom) – nice and cozy ..ugg!

The office we had to do electrical (install lights), add strapping to the ceiling, build the walls in the closet for the washer/dryer, install the dryer vent and electrical for the washer/dryer (to be finished tonight actually).  Sheetrock is being delivered today!  To be installed next weekend and then hopefully start taping shortly after.

We built some shelves in the basement to hold the tools that were in the office

Strapping and lights added – we have temp lights strung right now to help work at night

New wall and vent for dryer in the closet

The other thing that was being stored in there was our leftover flooring – we’re hoping this is enough we can floor the playroom with it and get that room finished next!

Ryan really wants to get our kitchen renovation done soon so our current plan is as follows :

  1. Sheetrock office
  2. Tape/Spackle office and playroom
  3. Prim playroom and office
  4. Set up and use office as is (move my office and maybe toys in there to unclutter diningroom)
  5. Add flooring in playroom
  6. Add doors and trim to playroom
  7. Finish floors
  8. Paint playroom
  9. Set up playroom!!!!
  10. Demo kitchen… yikes!

We’ll see – i’m thinking we’ll do kitchen after xmas – ryan wants it done before xmas … i just don’t see that happening!

My Stitching Treasures

While no house progress is being made (busy summer) – I have been stitching in the evenings and I pulled out another old unfinished piece.  This is My Stitching Treasures by Jeanette Douglas.  I got this as a gift for my bridal shower (hosted at a stitch shop) from all of my friends – the pattern, fabric, silk threads and notions.  I haven’t worked on it in years but pulled it out and I’m making good progress on it again.  It’s meant to go as the top to a box (where you store your stitching treasures) 🙂

My Stitching Treasures progress August 2017

Another party this coming weekend so still no house progress to be made.  Things should settle down after this weekend though for sure!

New Roof and Solar

The latest big house project has been hiring a crew to put on a new metal roof (standing seam) and then we had some solar panels installed on the back dormer roof (the flat one).

New roof!!!

We’ve only had the solar on for a week and of course it was very rainy and cloudy last week but we’re generating electricity more than we use (which is great since this solar is only enough to cover approx 40% of our annual usage.  So summer it covers us, in winter it won’t until we put more panels up in future.

Hard to see but there are the solar panels up on the dormer roof

And secondly last week (a month after we ordered it) our new fridge came!  Technically Fridge and Freezer as they are separate units – like our old house!  I didn’t want to wait until our kitchen renovation to buy them – I would rather use them now!  They are installed and running great and I love finally having space in the fridge for everything!

dont’ mind the kitchen mess this was late when i finished installing it

I had to remove the cabinet that was above the old fridge so everything that was in that cabinet is now just sitting on the fridge.  Luckily when we redo the kitchen we can customize our cabinets 🙂

Fairy Dust Finished

Over the 4th of July weekend I started a new piece : Fairy Dust by Nimuë.  It was a quick stitch although the backstitching was pretty challenging.  I finished it up this week once the fuzzy thread arrived.

Nimue ‘Fairy Dust’

I’ve been spending some time designing a new piece that will be a gift.  I plan to start that piece and another large piece now that I have no large pieces going.