Kitchen Progress

After a much deserved (and needed) break from house work we made a little progress this weekend (and by we I mean 95% ryan).  I came home on Sunday to most of the upper cabinets back off the wall!  He had been wanting to shift the stove vent over about 1/8 to give it space next to the cabinet to make it not rub when opening.

So he took down the 2 uppers and the hood.  We got the hood back installed and finished the install this time (hooking it all up).  Then he re-hung the 2 cabinets as well as the end bookcase so that wall is finished now.  It looks great and it’s really great to have light right over the stove now that the hood is all hooked up.

Uppers finished


Another view

It was very exciting to use the vent!

Happy New Year and a New Kitchen

It took 2 months which actually is quite good considering how large this kitchen is AND considering Ryan was in horrible back pain a lot of that – but the kitchen is back to useable shape.  Not ‘done’ but done enough we could enjoy it for the holidays!!!

The counters came a week before xmas and they did not disappoint at all!

The 3 large slabs

The smaller one in the diningroom

We had to give it 24 hours to cure (glue) and then I was up on the counters installing lights, switches, outlets etc.  Brad came over and hooked up our sink and dishwasher shortly after (YAY!!!!).  Friday night Mark came over and helped me to get the final pantry cabinets in, the fridge/freezer moved into place and then all the cabinet pulls installed!  It was perfect!

Saturday afternoon Brad came over and installed the stove for us (gas line) so we were cooking by xmas!  The ovens got used for cookies and then xmas eve we had a roast in there.  We love the kitchen!!!

Pantry cabinets and fridge in place

New lights all installed

Cabinet hardware installed and moved into the kitchen!

More cabinet hardware

These pictures are friday night so the stove wasn’t in yet.  I’ll get a stove picture when we finish the hood install which isn’t done yet.  Right now we’re taking a break and just enjoying the kitchen!

A small checklist of must do’s soon :

  • Install Island outlet
  • Finish pantry (still needs a bit of spackle/sanding/painting etc plus we need to order doors for it)
  • Install the range hood officially
  • Hang the bookcase on the end
  • Flooring
  • Trim
  • Build shelves above fridge

Not too bad and some of that will be sooner than other parts (flooring will be spring time).

Ryan had his back surgery right before xmas so is on recovery but doing well.  The kids had a wonderful xmas and I’m enjoying spreading out into a diningroom – the office has become a bit of a play room for now but playroom finishing is ‘next’ on our list of rooms to truly finish!

Kitchen Ovens, Uppers and Counters

2 weekends ago we focused on getting the double ovens installed and the hood and upper cabinets.  The first project was cutting the oven cabinet opening to the right size.  Then installing the brackets and wiring the ovens to the wall box.  The ovens didn’t get lifted in and set until Sunday when we had some people over to help but the hard part was all done on Saturday.

The other project for Saturday was upper cabinets and the hood vent.  The first upper went in, then Mark and I got the hood hung, followed by the left 2 uppers.  The bookcase on the end is not yet hung.  On Sunday I put in the shelves and the doors back on all the new cabinets – it’s starting to look really finished!

Uppers in

Other than kitchen progress the girls and I cleaned the downstairs as best we could (cluttered mess) – and got the christmas decorations out.

In the afternoon I got the electrical prepped in the basement for the electrician we hired to put in a new sub panel and clean up our main panel box.   The electrician came during the week when I was in CA so I got to come home to a new sub panel and an awesome looking main panel!

This weekend I emptied the diningroom and kitchen of all tools.  The girls and I moved all the toys from the livingroom to the office now that we have a diningroom again.  This gave us room to get our xmas tree!

Finally I was able to get the final installation of ovens completed – racks in, doors on etc.  Ready for cookies!

Today the counter installers came!  The kitchen looks so much more finished with the counters!  In a couple days we’ll get the sink/dishwasher installation finished but now I can clean out the cabinets and start filling them at least!  Merry Christmas to me!

I hope to get a few of the outlets hooked up and working maybe tonight.  I have to buy knobs and pulls still for the cabinets and that will be a fun project to install all of those.  The only other ‘major’ project is to wire up the outlet to the fridge/freezer and move those in before xmas – the cabinets on the sides will be a january project but I’d like my fridge/freezer in the kitchen for christmas!

Kitchen Base Cabinets

We’ve had a very busy few days and the kitchen progress shows it!  Thursday night Ryan and I stayed up late sanding both the kitchen and diningroom.  Friday night we vacuumed the ceilings/walls then started priming – getting the ceilings primed and 1 wall.

Saturday morning Ryan and his dad started with a ceiling paint coat, then finished priming all the walls.  Once the ceiling was dry they got the second coat on and we got all the paint stuff cleaned up.  We won’t paint walls until later on (we haven’t even picked a color yet.

The first cabinets to go in were the 2 small diningroom cabinets – these were initially going to be part of our island so they are the Bali Blue color but we decided to make the island smaller (larger walkways between island and cabinets) – and these 2 cabinets work wonderfully as a buffet in the diningroom.  We may build some shelves above or make a matching cabinet with glass doors or something down the road to make it even more hutch like but for now it is wonderful as a place to put our china – lots of storage!

Diningroom cabinets

These will have a matching counter top so it will really make it tie in with the kitchen perfectly.

Next up was the kitchen base cabinets – starting with the corner.  Saturday they dry fit the first few cabinets and got an idea of level but waited to install them.

Sunday installation started in earnest and the stove/oven side wall was first.  Next was the sink and dishwasher.  We have an end panel on the side of the dishwasher that still has to get installed – we’ll do that Monday or Tuesday night since the counter folks come Wednesday to stencil.

Next up was the island.  This took a few steps, we had to put them in place, then move them to cut out a hole for the return that will go under the cabinet.  Also we had to drill and run wires up from the basement for the outlet that will go in the cabinet/island.  Finally some 2x4s were anchored to the floor so the cabinets could be attached to something.

Island cabinets (also a view of the sink dishwasher).

The rest of the L part of the cabinets

There is still plenty to do – we have 3 upper cabinets to install, 1 small shelf unit on the end then the 2 pantry cabinets that flank the fridge.  Those things all don’t have to happen before counter stenciling though so they will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Obviously we also have to install appliances and plumbing.  Plenty to do but the main rush is done!  Counters take 2 weeks so getting them stenciled was a huge priority.  We can’t do the sink or stove top until counters are in!  Should be in the week before xmas and our plumber (ryan’s cousin) promises he can come over and do our finish plumbing before xmas!  So far we’re on track.  Now we just need ryan’s back to hold out.  It’s been tough and he still has 3 weeks before surgery 🙁


The kitchen progress continues even on a ‘holiday weekend’.  Ryan and his dad finished hanging the sheetrock in the diningroom on Saturday!  I got the kitchen taped and some more spackling done on both Saturday and Sunday.

Dad surprised us and came over today to help continue the spackling – which makes our goal of finishing it this week much more manageable!

Progress this afternoon after dad’s help

Hard to get a good view of the diningroom but ceiling and corners are taped

I’ll spend time each night after the girls are in bed spackling and our goal is at the latest to sand on Friday night (bonus if we can get to it thur night).  Then we have to prime everything, then paint the ceiling.  The painting will be on Saturday for sure.  Sunday we’ll install cabinets!

That means we can get the counters stenciled.  After that while we wait for counters to be made/installed I can get some electrical done, maybe painting – we have to pick a color still.  The diningroom won’t get too much more once it’s primed and the ceiling is painted – so we can move the table back in there and free up space in the office which means we can move toys out of the livingroom into the office.  That frees up space in the livingroom for … a xmas tree!  Tis the season!

Kitchen Underway

Well it was a very long week for Ryan – and a long weekend for me as I took Friday off to do electrical which of course took time on the weekend too as we did it in phases.

First we moved the ‘kitchen’ out to our hallway (luckily we have a very large hallway) – technically speaking this is quite a spacious galley kitchen – if I had a good sink it’d be nothing to complain about at all.  Unfortunately the bathroom sink is TINY and the faucet small and old so it makes a huge mess.  But we are managing and using lots of paper plates to reduce dishes quite a bit.

Temporary kitchen – even our huge fridge/freezer fits and I wired the stove out here so I have that too!

Once the kitchen was empty they took up the old floor and put down a new subfloor – it’s so much sturdier now and looks great!

New subfloor in the kitchen

While the guys built the new knee wall and the walls around the chimney we focused electrical work on the main kitchen wall as a priority (before sheetrock was delivered friday afternoon and would block this wall).

Main kitchen counter wall

Knee wall – i didn’t get a picture of the new walls until after sheetrocking started

Friday we also got all the lighting in the kitchen installed and wired.  Saturday Ryan got the ceiling in the kitchen sheetrocked himself – impressive.  I got a bunch of the diningroom electrical started – I couldn’t finish until Sunday morning because I needed daylight (short days are killer!).  But we got the recessed lights in the diningroom installed Saturday night and wired up.  So Sunday morning I just had to connect the old to the new wiring in there and then Ryan was able to sheetrock the diningroom ceiling.

These pictures are from last night so this is the progress of a 1 week renovation – i’m really impressed!

Outside of the pantry closet the kitchen sheetrock is mostly done!

That venting for the hood will be covered behind cabinetry eventually. It was also the best we could do for venting with as few bends as possible.

Diningroom is almost done sheetrocking as well. The knee wall needs to be sheetrocked on the back side and the archways both need sheetrock

We’ll do some sheetrocking 2 evenings this week after the girls are in bed.  Then we have the break for the holiday and next weekend hopefully we can get some major progress on taping and spackling.  We’d like to get cabinets installed the weekend of Dec 2/3rd so we have to tape/spackle/sand/prime (and paint ceiling at very least) first.  Then cabinets installed.  Once cabinets are in and counters stenciled we can finish any other spackling/sanding/priming/painting in the diningroom and the front area of the kitchen/pantry areas while we wait for counters.  We’re hoping for counters to be installed early the week before xmas giving us time that week to get final plumbing done and cabinet knobs on.

I ordered the lighting last night – 3 drop down pendants over the peninsula, 1 small drop down over the island and a chandelier for the diningroom.  I also ordered our faucet so I think purchase wise we are done except for picking out knobs for the cabinets!  It’s good to be prepared and we have all the appliances and cabinets on standby!

Ready for Kitchen Reno

We’ve had a busy month getting prepped for our kitchen renovation and hopefully it goes smoothly.  This week Ryan took the week off and he and his dad are go-go-going with all the prep work.  First a recap of progress.

Dad came out and taped/spackled my office -the large room.  In the mean time Ryan spackled the playroom.  Last week we got the office sanded and Ryan and his dad primed it on Saturday so when I got home sunday I could clean it and set it up as my office, craft  room, music room, temporary diningroom and kids craft area.  It’s a large room luckily because it is packed to the max!  The table isn’t even moved in yet but will be.

Already packed but the office is primed!

Also over the weekend they got the old flooring up in the hallway and diningroom and new plywood down in both of those rooms.

Hallway floor – when the hallway is empty it’s so large!

Diningroom floor replaced

Yesterday was a big day – we did a little re-wiring in the basement and Ryan and Mark put in some new supports (2x10s) under where one of the kitchen posts would rest to firm it up.  Then they built and installed the beam in the diningroom which will be our replacement for the current wall that is there – we’ll have a nice open wall hopefully by the end of today!

New beam

This morning the guys brought all the cabinets in and stored them safely in the playroom.  They’ve been inspected and luckily all of them are in good shape!  No delay on the kitchen reno due to waiting for replacements or missing cabinets!

Cabinets! The blue ones are the island ones, the Dove white are around the rest of the kitchen

So prep work is all done – the last thing to do is finish emptying the kitchen.  We’re moving the kitchen out to the hallway for now (a long galley style) and i’m packing up any non-essentials.  The hardest thing will be having no sink or dishwasher – we have the bathroom sink right there but it’s quite small.  We’ll be able to use the stove and fridge/freezer just fine and even have cabinet/counter room as we’re moving that out to the hallway.

I think the plan is between today and tomorrow to demo the kitchen and the floor and get the new plywood down.  Thursday they’ll be starting to build it back up – put in the vent for the range hood, run electrical in both kitchen and diningroom.  On friday i’m taking the day off to finish any electrical and they’ll be building the knee wall and doing any sheet rock prep thursday and friday.

The hope (optimistic maybe) is to be sheetrocking this weekend!  Once sheetrock is up there’s the process of taping/spackling/sanding/priming before we can install cabinets so the sooner we can start that the better.

The other delay will be after cabinets are in, waiting for counters.  At this point we’re ahead of our ‘worst case’ schedule to get counters in before xmas so i”m hopeful we’re going to be able to get our kitchen finished and used (minus flooring which is going to be a later on project) before xmas!  Crossing fingers.


Work continues, we’ve had a few good weekends.  Dad came over one weekend and helped Ryan hang all the sheetrock in the office.  That room is cleaned up and empty now.  The playroom is also cleaned up , ramboard put down and Ryan has been taping a little each night – getting all the seams and corners – i think he has 2 upper corners left to tape so that will probably be done tonight, then time for next coats 🙂

Office sheetrocked!

Another view

Playroom taping progress

In other news we’ve officially ordered all our appliances now too for the kitchen – going with GE Cafe series and they have a rebate right now if you buy 3 appliances you get a free dishwasher – so that’s a great deal!!!  Ryan has his vacation week picked out to do the bulk start of the kitchen renovation.

On my plate is to start cleaning out/emptying the kitchen a bit of things we don’t use often – get them packed up for the next 2 months.


Well we pushed off sheetrocking another weekend (per my dad’s request) and since we had enough flooring (we noticed after we moved it and organized it) AND the playroom emptied out – Ryan decided to lay the flooring in the playroom this weekend!  It looks awesome – same cherry as upstairs.

Saturday progress (1/2 day)

And finished up early Sunday afternoon!

I’m so excited – 1 more project done and a big pile of wood removed (mostly) from the hallway!  On Sunday while Ryan was laying the floor and the kids were at Grandma’s house I did some electrical and then did our final kitchen design.

In the afternoon we went to home depot and ordered our cabinets and counters for our kitchen!

Kitchen colors

The main kitchen cabinets (around the fridge, and the outside walls of the kitchen) will be Dover (off white).  The island cabinets will be the Bali blue color!  The granite is white with grey/black speckles.  Below is a rendering that is pretty close to what it will look like.  We can’t fit a cabinet above the fridge so ryan will build a flat piece to make it line up with the cabinets and we’ll paint it to match.  The island will also have an overhang towards the window side of the kitchen that we can all sit around and eat if we’d like.

3d view of cabinets

Final cabinet layout

Fun stuff!  Now i’m really excited about the kitchen renovation – it will be a lot of work though and I’m just ignoring the fact that I’ll have to feed the family some how without a kitchen 🙂

Getting Ready for Sheetrock

It’s been a LONG while since I did a house update – we really took most of the summer off of house renovations but we are gearing up for a busy fall/winter!

The big project right now was emptying out the ‘office/craft room’ and the ‘playroom’.  The playroom was already sheetrocked but not taped so now that’s ready to be taped -toys are distributed throughout the house (bedrooms and livingroom and diningroom) – nice and cozy ..ugg!

The office we had to do electrical (install lights), add strapping to the ceiling, build the walls in the closet for the washer/dryer, install the dryer vent and electrical for the washer/dryer (to be finished tonight actually).  Sheetrock is being delivered today!  To be installed next weekend and then hopefully start taping shortly after.

We built some shelves in the basement to hold the tools that were in the office

Strapping and lights added – we have temp lights strung right now to help work at night

New wall and vent for dryer in the closet

The other thing that was being stored in there was our leftover flooring – we’re hoping this is enough we can floor the playroom with it and get that room finished next!

Ryan really wants to get our kitchen renovation done soon so our current plan is as follows :

  1. Sheetrock office
  2. Tape/Spackle office and playroom
  3. Prim playroom and office
  4. Set up and use office as is (move my office and maybe toys in there to unclutter diningroom)
  5. Add flooring in playroom
  6. Add doors and trim to playroom
  7. Finish floors
  8. Paint playroom
  9. Set up playroom!!!!
  10. Demo kitchen… yikes!

We’ll see – i’m thinking we’ll do kitchen after xmas – ryan wants it done before xmas … i just don’t see that happening!