2011 North Conway

We just finished up a week at North Conway, and it was a nice relaxing week in a unit with a new kitchen, which was a nice surprise.

We relaxed and did a lot of reading.  The kids took advantage of the pool everyday, and the extra TV channels that they normally do not get.

We did our usual Dondero Rock Shop visit and Maia had to get more eggs for her collection and Georgia picked up some nice presents for her friend.  We held off since we are running out of space to put stuff and not sure what things we have and do not have anymore.

We attempted a hike of Frankenstein Cliff, but we only made it up about 7/8ths of the way before turning back.  We were not properly prepared for the steep path and without the proper shoes and not being in shape we thought it best to turn around before reaching the cliff face.  We did get some great views along the way, one from the North Conway train trestle, which is shown below along with some pictures along the way.

A rest stop on the hiking path.

A rock face along the way up.

View from the top of the train tracks on our way back from the cliffs.

We also went to Whitelake Speedway and did several runs of on the go-carts, which the kids loved, as well as Erin.

Chloe riding with her Dad, while Georgia ready to pass us.

Georgia again passing her Dad, but with Maia as a passenger.

Family shot of a happy ending at the track

We also had to hit the mini-golf range and Georgia won the round, which made her day, 2 above par, and we had 4 holes in one across all of us.  Maia’s won us a free round for next year.

We should have left them there like this!!!

Our big adventure, in skipping Santa’s Village was going to Mount Cranmore.  They only had a few attractions, but basically no lines and the kids had the best time on the bungy trampoline. Doing backflips and front flips.

Chloe starting a big flip

A super flip by Chloe, but Maia and Georgia were all over as well.

Family shot on top of Cranmore

Mom and the two oldest facing the North Conway side.

But it was nice to come home and have Saturday to unpack and unwind and then a full day at home before work starts again.  I got a few minor things done on the Spitfire between church and hanging with the kids.

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  1. chloe says:

    i look awesome!

  2. Nicole says:

    Great pictures – looks like a great trip this year! Thanks for sharing!

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