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Family Picture Summer Vacation on Mount Washington


This site was started 2/22/2010 to provide details of our family events and milestones available to those family and friends that want to stay connected.  Most of that info will be posted to the family or photo album pages.

We are a fortunate, happy family of five living in southern New Hampshire. I (Pete) was raised in East Chatham NY and Erin was raised in Swampscott MA. We relocated to southern NH to build our home and family in 1997.

We have three wonderful girls, who take up most of our time, especially since they are presently being home schooled by Erin. Our oldest, Georgia was born in 1999, Chloe in 2001 and finally our youngest, Maia,  born in 2004.

I have also added a running commentary of a couple of projects that others on the web may find interesting, so feel free to read through those sections.

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