Monthly Progress Schedule

February 2009

  • Purchased House!

March 2009

  • Demolish the Gym

April 2009

  • Demolish the Bathroom and TV Room
  • Take down unused Chimney
  • Add roof supports to gym ceiling
  • Reframed Bathroom walls

May 2009

  • Added roof supports to bathroom ceiling
  • Closed in (framed) extra door to tvroom

June 2009

  • Started plumbing of bathroom
  • Framed in the exterior door in tvroom

July 2009

  • Installed Exterior door of tvroom
  • Removed siding on driveway side of house

August 2009

  • Installed Bathroom window
  • Installed the Gym and Tvroom windows
  • Resided (mostly) the driveway side of house

September 2009

  • Started electrical in tvroom
  • Finished siding the driveway side of house

October 2009

  • Installed porch light on driveway side
  • Installed bathroom fan/vent
  • Continued bathroom plumbing install
  • Continued TVRoom electrical
  • Insulation in gym, bath, tvroom!

November 2009

  • Prepped for drywall (firring strips)
  • Primed driveway side window sashes
  • Installed TVRoom lights
  • Installed TVRoom speaker wire
  • Pulled up old flooring from tvroom closet area
  • Started patch panel

December 2009

  • Installed cable/ethernet drops in tvroom and gym
  • Hooked up tvroom electrical
  • Framing in tvroom (around diningroom built-ins)
  • Demo exposed interior walls
  • Drywall gym, tvroom and bathroom ceiling

January 2010

  • Taped and spackled tvroom
  • installed bathroom electrical
  • insulated bathroom (sound proofing)
  • started cement board in bathroom

February 2010

  • Finished cement board/drywall in bathroom
  • Sanded tvroom walls/ceiling
  • primed and painted walls/ceiling of tvroom

March 2010 (ONE YEAR POINT)

  • Taped/spackled gym
  • built shelves in basement for wood storage
  • Started stripping trim
  • Finished bathroom plumbing install
  • Patched TVRoom floor with new maple flooring
  • Built/installed sills in tvroom and gym
  • Taped/spackled/sanded/primed bathroom
  • Most of bathroom tiling completed

April 2010

  • Demo livingroom, diningroom and fronthall/stairway
  • Installed bathroom door
  • Finished bathroom tiling

May 2010

  • Installed bathroom trim
  • Grouted bathroom
  • Painted bathroom
  • Finished bathroom electrical (lights and outlets)

June 2010

  • Stripped bathroom door
  • Installed bathroom fixtures (toilet, sink, shower etc)
  • Started removing porch ceiling
  • Replaced cupola windows and front porch window

July 2010

  • Installed trim around gym window
  • Primed/painted/hung bathroom door

August 2010

  • Stained and installed new front door
  • Replaced diningroom windows
  • Started reinforcing/leveling porch
  • Started redecking porch (right side done)
  • Installed copper triangles under diningroom windows

September 2010

  • Started installing diningroom window panels
  • Continued redecking (around cupola done)
  • Sanded/primed/painted siding on driveway side

October 2010

  • Sided/primed/painted section between cupolas
  • Painted trim on driveway side
  • Roof/cupola copper installed
  • Continued redecking (to the front door done)

November 2010


December 2010

  • Wired livingroom outlets
  • Built work table and router table
  • Started electrical in front hall

January 2011

  • Cable/ethernet drops to livingroom done
  • Made portable closet and demolished master closet
  • installed wiring for front porch lights

February 2011

  • Insulation!
  • Installed crown molding in gym
  • patched gym floor (radiator removed)
  • Installed gym door

March 2011 (TWO YEAR POINT)

  • Installed/primed/painted gym baseboards
  • Installed trim around gym door
  • Crown molding and trim painted in gym
  • Refinished gym floor
  • Installed trim around tvroom windows
  • Connected/finished electrical for fronthall lights
  • Installed gym fan

April 2011

  • Started base to tvroom built-ins
  • Hung tv
  • Painted GYM (DONE!)
  • releveled front porch
  • started cabinet for gym
  • Continued redecking (across front door done)

May 2011

  • Built built-ins cabinets and doors
  • Finished cabinet for gym and primed it

June 2011

  • Sided front of house
  • Started installing panels on cupola
  • Primed one diningroom window’s panels that are done

July 2011

  • Removed more of porch ceiling (almost done)
  • Painted front siding
  • Finished installing panels around cupola

August 2011

  • Sanded first 3 window’s panels on cupola
  • Stripped the post attached to the house by cupola
  • Demolished closet/bedroom wall
  • reframed/moved closet door (center)
  • Drywalled and taped closet
  • Installed cedar walls in closet
  • Skim coat/sand/prime/paint closet ceiling
  • Installed door, door trim and crown molding in closet
  • Refinished closet floor
  • Painted door trim, crown molding and quarter round
  • Installed closet system and new light
  • Continued work on diningroom window panel install

September 2011

  • Continued diningroom window panel install
  • Drywall tvroom closet, front hall closet and most of front hall/stairway

October 2011

  • Finish diningroom window panel install/sand/caulk/prime
  • Finish cupola panel sand/caulk/prime/paint
  • Finish painting trim on front of house
  • paint diningroom window sashes (exterior)
  • Install built-ins and make/install top, start bookcases

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