Windows – Downstairs Front and Right

There are a lot of windows on these two sides of the house because of the cupola (5) and the diningroom bump out (3).  We started this project in June 2010.  First here are some pictures of the house before we started replacing windows.

The front of our house - aluminum siding removed on the downstairs.

The cupola

The right side of the house

June 19, 2010

We started the window replacement with the cupola windows.

Taking out window number 1

We started with the decision to do 2 windows toward the back of the cupola to start.

All exterior boxes removed and window out

We had to remove all the decorative window box wood – we’ll have to redo this design with new wood.

Building up the window a little

Our new windows are a little shorter (on purpose – we’d like to be able to fit outlets under the windows), so we had to build up the bottom a bit.

Building up window number 2

While Ryan built up the first window I started taking out the second window.

Window number 2

2 windows getting prepped

Both windows all stripped down at this point and Ryan built up the second window bottom.

Ready for ice shield

At this point I got started cutting felt paper and ice shield to install.

starting with some felt paper on the bottom

Window number one almost prepped

We got both windows just about prepped before installing either.

Felt paper along the top

Awwww… someone’s walking on the outside walls!!!

Window number 1 in!

The first window went pretty smoothly. Of course it didn’t have to line up with anything, just be level so it was the easiest of them all.

Window 1!

And what a pretty window it is 🙂 At this point we decided to order some pizza for dinner so we could keep working and we also decided we could manage a third window before dark so we started the demo of the third window.

Window 2 and 3 built up

It went pretty quickly since we had the hang of it at this point.

Side view of window 2 and 3

We got the felt paper and ice shield up on the third pretty quickly.

Window number 3

felt paper across the top - ready for windows!

At this point we installed the second and third windows. They were slightly more difficult because they have to be level AND the sills all have to be level with each other since they will connect around the cupola in the window box design. I think we managed okay and we got all the tools picked up before dark.

Pictures of the finished 3 windows!

From the inside

From the back side

From the front side

June 26, 2010
We finally have a full weekend to work on the house and we got right to work today. We installed the last 2 windows in the cupola in the livingroom. They were a little more work than the first three, the header had to be replaced on these so the windows would fit.

Windows before we started today

Old windows removed

New headers (just needed the extra half inch for window placement adjustment)

Raised up the bottom to match the others

Outside all prepped

And the new windows are in!

A wider look a the cupola

The new windows from the outside

June 27, 2010
Only one window left to install in the livingroom and it only took us 2 hours to do it this time.

The original window was a little wider than the cupola windows but we decided to make it the same width, I don’t remember how large the next size up would have been but we would have had to adjust the rough in so this was our best option.

The original window (how we left it last night).

Some extra framing since the window is smaller (need to nail to something)

Had to cut the sills since they came too long

And the window is in!

A view of the outside

And another view

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