The Porch

Saturday May 30, 2009.
Started by removing the aluminum siding on the East side of the porch. Removing the siding involves removing LOTs of nails and Staples as well as the plastic ceiling! We completed this side while cooking lunch.
First side of aluminum siding removed.

Friday-Saturday June 5-6, 2009.
Moved over to the front of the porch, worked until dark and uncovered the original wood detailing around the door and windows – unfortunately the moldings and window sills were CUT and removed when they installed the aluminum.  There will be some major repairs we need to do (not structurally – mostly cosmetic) unless you count the actual window replacements!

Here is a view of the front side – although the aluminum was removed all the way around the turret under the porch here.
Front side aluminum removed

And the plastic ceiling was removed – revealing the original ceiling which we will remove due to damage and replace.
Porch ceiling

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