Rose Garden

This is the first garden we put in. Ryan bought me 4 rose bushes for my birthday so we planted them with a few perennials in front. Then Ryan brought some black cap bushes back from his parents’ house and we planted those with some asiatic lilies in front of them.

Here’s the first picture of the garden.

And here it is filled out with other perennials:Rose Garden with Perennials

Some Early bloomers were the lilies – planted near the black caps:
Asiatic Lilies

Mid June – the light Pink roses are blooming, the dark pink were the first to bloom:
Light Pink rosesDark Pink Roses
Unfortunately the rain ALL through June really hurt the blooming season but next year I’m hoping for more blooms!

Finally – Mid July the Red and White roses are blooming!
Red and White roses blooming

May 2010,

I extended the rose garden as this is my main garden, it gets partial sun but it’s the only garden that gets sun so I need to take advantage!

Extended the rose bush bed and moved the plants around

Red Azalea bush! I love these and hope to have them in the front some day when the porch is done.

I moved thse bushy plants from in front of the rose bushes over to the rasberry bushes where they won't be hidden. The lillies are really coming back but need to be moved forward from the raspberry bushes.

And some roses blooming already!

Roses blooming in May!

June 2010,

The light pink roses are blooming… (early June)

Pink roses blooming like crazy

And the red now too… (mid June)

Red Roses blooming

And lots of color:

Garden blooming

One rose bush (white) died over the winter so I replaced it with a pink/white combo called “Scentsational” or something like that.

The grape vines are growing, I planted them a little late and need to put in an arbor but hopefully I’ll get some vines going this year (I’m sure we won’t get grapes the first year).

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