Happy New Year and a New Kitchen

It took 2 months which actually is quite good considering how large this kitchen is AND considering Ryan was in horrible back pain a lot of that – but the kitchen is back to useable shape.  Not ‘done’ but done enough we could enjoy it for the holidays!!!

The counters came a week before xmas and they did not disappoint at all!

The 3 large slabs

The smaller one in the diningroom

We had to give it 24 hours to cure (glue) and then I was up on the counters installing lights, switches, outlets etc.  Brad came over and hooked up our sink and dishwasher shortly after (YAY!!!!).  Friday night Mark came over and helped me to get the final pantry cabinets in, the fridge/freezer moved into place and then all the cabinet pulls installed!  It was perfect!

Saturday afternoon Brad came over and installed the stove for us (gas line) so we were cooking by xmas!  The ovens got used for cookies and then xmas eve we had a roast in there.  We love the kitchen!!!

Pantry cabinets and fridge in place

New lights all installed

Cabinet hardware installed and moved into the kitchen!

More cabinet hardware

These pictures are friday night so the stove wasn’t in yet.  I’ll get a stove picture when we finish the hood install which isn’t done yet.  Right now we’re taking a break and just enjoying the kitchen!

A small checklist of must do’s soon :

  • Install Island outlet
  • Finish pantry (still needs a bit of spackle/sanding/painting etc plus we need to order doors for it)
  • Install the range hood officially
  • Hang the bookcase on the end
  • Flooring
  • Trim
  • Build shelves above fridge

Not too bad and some of that will be sooner than other parts (flooring will be spring time).

Ryan had his back surgery right before xmas so is on recovery but doing well.  The kids had a wonderful xmas and I’m enjoying spreading out into a diningroom – the office has become a bit of a play room for now but playroom finishing is ‘next’ on our list of rooms to truly finish!

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