Kitchen Ovens, Uppers and Counters

2 weekends ago we focused on getting the double ovens installed and the hood and upper cabinets.  The first project was cutting the oven cabinet opening to the right size.  Then installing the brackets and wiring the ovens to the wall box.  The ovens didn’t get lifted in and set until Sunday when we had some people over to help but the hard part was all done on Saturday.

The other project for Saturday was upper cabinets and the hood vent.  The first upper went in, then Mark and I got the hood hung, followed by the left 2 uppers.  The bookcase on the end is not yet hung.  On Sunday I put in the shelves and the doors back on all the new cabinets – it’s starting to look really finished!

Uppers in

Other than kitchen progress the girls and I cleaned the downstairs as best we could (cluttered mess) – and got the christmas decorations out.

In the afternoon I got the electrical prepped in the basement for the electrician we hired to put in a new sub panel and clean up our main panel box.   The electrician came during the week when I was in CA so I got to come home to a new sub panel and an awesome looking main panel!

This weekend I emptied the diningroom and kitchen of all tools.  The girls and I moved all the toys from the livingroom to the office now that we have a diningroom again.  This gave us room to get our xmas tree!

Finally I was able to get the final installation of ovens completed – racks in, doors on etc.  Ready for cookies!

Today the counter installers came!  The kitchen looks so much more finished with the counters!  In a couple days we’ll get the sink/dishwasher installation finished but now I can clean out the cabinets and start filling them at least!  Merry Christmas to me!

I hope to get a few of the outlets hooked up and working maybe tonight.  I have to buy knobs and pulls still for the cabinets and that will be a fun project to install all of those.  The only other ‘major’ project is to wire up the outlet to the fridge/freezer and move those in before xmas – the cabinets on the sides will be a january project but I’d like my fridge/freezer in the kitchen for christmas!