The kitchen progress continues even on a ‘holiday weekend’.  Ryan and his dad finished hanging the sheetrock in the diningroom on Saturday!  I got the kitchen taped and some more spackling done on both Saturday and Sunday.

Dad surprised us and came over today to help continue the spackling – which makes our goal of finishing it this week much more manageable!

Progress this afternoon after dad’s help

Hard to get a good view of the diningroom but ceiling and corners are taped

I’ll spend time each night after the girls are in bed spackling and our goal is at the latest to sand on Friday night (bonus if we can get to it thur night).  Then we have to prime everything, then paint the ceiling.  The painting will be on Saturday for sure.  Sunday we’ll install cabinets!

That means we can get the counters stenciled.  After that while we wait for counters to be made/installed I can get some electrical done, maybe painting – we have to pick a color still.  The diningroom won’t get too much more once it’s primed and the ceiling is painted – so we can move the table back in there and free up space in the office which means we can move toys out of the livingroom into the office.  That frees up space in the livingroom for … a xmas tree!  Tis the season!

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