Kitchen Underway

Well it was a very long week for Ryan – and a long weekend for me as I took Friday off to do electrical which of course took time on the weekend too as we did it in phases.

First we moved the ‘kitchen’ out to our hallway (luckily we have a very large hallway) – technically speaking this is quite a spacious galley kitchen – if I had a good sink it’d be nothing to complain about at all.  Unfortunately the bathroom sink is TINY and the faucet small and old so it makes a huge mess.  But we are managing and using lots of paper plates to reduce dishes quite a bit.

Temporary kitchen – even our huge fridge/freezer fits and I wired the stove out here so I have that too!

Once the kitchen was empty they took up the old floor and put down a new subfloor – it’s so much sturdier now and looks great!

New subfloor in the kitchen

While the guys built the new knee wall and the walls around the chimney we focused electrical work on the main kitchen wall as a priority (before sheetrock was delivered friday afternoon and would block this wall).

Main kitchen counter wall

Knee wall – i didn’t get a picture of the new walls until after sheetrocking started

Friday we also got all the lighting in the kitchen installed and wired.  Saturday Ryan got the ceiling in the kitchen sheetrocked himself – impressive.  I got a bunch of the diningroom electrical started – I couldn’t finish until Sunday morning because I needed daylight (short days are killer!).  But we got the recessed lights in the diningroom installed Saturday night and wired up.  So Sunday morning I just had to connect the old to the new wiring in there and then Ryan was able to sheetrock the diningroom ceiling.

These pictures are from last night so this is the progress of a 1 week renovation – i’m really impressed!

Outside of the pantry closet the kitchen sheetrock is mostly done!

That venting for the hood will be covered behind cabinetry eventually. It was also the best we could do for venting with as few bends as possible.

Diningroom is almost done sheetrocking as well. The knee wall needs to be sheetrocked on the back side and the archways both need sheetrock

We’ll do some sheetrocking 2 evenings this week after the girls are in bed.  Then we have the break for the holiday and next weekend hopefully we can get some major progress on taping and spackling.  We’d like to get cabinets installed the weekend of Dec 2/3rd so we have to tape/spackle/sand/prime (and paint ceiling at very least) first.  Then cabinets installed.  Once cabinets are in and counters stenciled we can finish any other spackling/sanding/priming/painting in the diningroom and the front area of the kitchen/pantry areas while we wait for counters.  We’re hoping for counters to be installed early the week before xmas giving us time that week to get final plumbing done and cabinet knobs on.

I ordered the lighting last night – 3 drop down pendants over the peninsula, 1 small drop down over the island and a chandelier for the diningroom.  I also ordered our faucet so I think purchase wise we are done except for picking out knobs for the cabinets!  It’s good to be prepared and we have all the appliances and cabinets on standby!

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