Well we pushed off sheetrocking another weekend (per my dad’s request) and since we had enough flooring (we noticed after we moved it and organized it) AND the playroom emptied out – Ryan decided to lay the flooring in the playroom this weekend!  It looks awesome – same cherry as upstairs.

Saturday progress (1/2 day)

And finished up early Sunday afternoon!

I’m so excited – 1 more project done and a big pile of wood removed (mostly) from the hallway!  On Sunday while Ryan was laying the floor and the kids were at Grandma’s house I did some electrical and then did our final kitchen design.

In the afternoon we went to home depot and ordered our cabinets and counters for our kitchen!

Kitchen colors

The main kitchen cabinets (around the fridge, and the outside walls of the kitchen) will be Dover (off white).  The island cabinets will be the Bali blue color!  The granite is white with grey/black speckles.  Below is a rendering that is pretty close to what it will look like.  We can’t fit a cabinet above the fridge so ryan will build a flat piece to make it line up with the cabinets and we’ll paint it to match.  The island will also have an overhang towards the window side of the kitchen that we can all sit around and eat if we’d like.

3d view of cabinets

Final cabinet layout

Fun stuff!  Now i’m really excited about the kitchen renovation – it will be a lot of work though and I’m just ignoring the fact that I’ll have to feed the family some how without a kitchen 🙂