Getting Ready for Sheetrock

It’s been a LONG while since I did a house update – we really took most of the summer off of house renovations but we are gearing up for a busy fall/winter!

The big project right now was emptying out the ‘office/craft room’ and the ‘playroom’.  The playroom was already sheetrocked but not taped so now that’s ready to be taped -toys are distributed throughout the house (bedrooms and livingroom and diningroom) – nice and cozy ..ugg!

The office we had to do electrical (install lights), add strapping to the ceiling, build the walls in the closet for the washer/dryer, install the dryer vent and electrical for the washer/dryer (to be finished tonight actually).  Sheetrock is being delivered today!  To be installed next weekend and then hopefully start taping shortly after.

We built some shelves in the basement to hold the tools that were in the office

Strapping and lights added – we have temp lights strung right now to help work at night

New wall and vent for dryer in the closet

The other thing that was being stored in there was our leftover flooring – we’re hoping this is enough we can floor the playroom with it and get that room finished next!

Ryan really wants to get our kitchen renovation done soon so our current plan is as follows :

  1. Sheetrock office
  2. Tape/Spackle office and playroom
  3. Prim playroom and office
  4. Set up and use office as is (move my office and maybe toys in there to unclutter diningroom)
  5. Add flooring in playroom
  6. Add doors and trim to playroom
  7. Finish floors
  8. Paint playroom
  9. Set up playroom!!!!
  10. Demo kitchen… yikes!

We’ll see – i’m thinking we’ll do kitchen after xmas – ryan wants it done before xmas … i just don’t see that happening!