New Roof and Solar

The latest big house project has been hiring a crew to put on a new metal roof (standing seam) and then we had some solar panels installed on the back dormer roof (the flat one).

New roof!!!

We’ve only had the solar on for a week and of course it was very rainy and cloudy last week but we’re generating electricity more than we use (which is great since this solar is only enough to cover approx 40% of our annual usage.  So summer it covers us, in winter it won’t until we put more panels up in future.

Hard to see but there are the solar panels up on the dormer roof

And secondly last week (a month after we ordered it) our new fridge came!  Technically Fridge and Freezer as they are separate units – like our old house!  I didn’t want to wait until our kitchen renovation to buy them – I would rather use them now!  They are installed and running great and I love finally having space in the fridge for everything!

dont’ mind the kitchen mess this was late when i finished installing it

I had to remove the cabinet that was above the old fridge so everything that was in that cabinet is now just sitting on the fridge.  Luckily when we redo the kitchen we can customize our cabinets 🙂