Mother’s Day Surprise

Last week while I was in CA for work, Ryan worked on my Mother’s Day surprise – our bedroom and most specifically our closet!  The hard part, sanding, priming and sanding trim was all done when I got home Friday!  We spent the weekend trading off painting time and kid playing time – getting the closet completely done (trim and walls) as well as the trim paint started in the bedroom.

Details – first Ryan finished up the trim in the closet ceiling (boxing out the light).  Then all the holes that had been filled had to be sanded.  All the trim was primed (his dad helped!) and then everything was sanded again.

I caulked the bedroom trim (Ryan had done the closet already as that was his main goal to finish) and we got the doors almost completely painted too (1 coat left on 1 side).  The bedroom is so close!

Last night we started hanging the closet system that we bought Saturday.  I picked up the last pieces we need today so tonight we can put in the shelves!!  Paper will come off the floor (in there) and we can hang the closet door even!

Closet painting finished … i really should pick out a light for in here!

The breaker box could use some cleaning off 🙂

Doors painted!  That glass one is for the closet!

A view of the trim/built-ins.

Oh and Brad came over and installed our toilet and vanity!  I just have to put in the toilet seat and we have to put in the backsplash and those will be done.  The mirror is ready to hang and I put in the light the weekend before.  Some shoe molding and electrical and the bathroom will be done.

Toilet and vanity installed!

Vanity Light – and a view with the tile floor mat in front of the vanity

We’ll be moved in this weekend hopefully!  Just have to keep up the painting momentum – even through child illnesses the progress has continued.