Master Bedroom

This weekend we finished up the master bedroom.  Of course we have a few small things to do like install the ceiling fan and make shelves for the built-ins but mostly it’s done and we are moved in!  These pictures are from Saturday morning before we finished up a few more small things and moved our furniture in, then I added a pic with our furniture so you can really see how big the room is (it surprised us) – we thought it would feel small after putting a king bed in.

Painting complete! Alex even put the outlet covers on for us.

A view of the closet – the closet is significantly fuller after Sunday’s project of filling it 🙂

Bathroom view – and yes we are missing 1 outlet cover 🙂

Closet door

And finally some pictures with our furniture in.

We are taking a break from working on the house in the evenings for a bit.  I will do some small things like install the fan and the hardware in the bathroom but mostly we want to relax after the big push to get this room done!