Stitching – Autumn in my Garden

I’ve hit a milestone (finishing the pumpkins) with a large piece i’m stitching lately called Autumn in my Garden by Mirabilia.  I’m stitching this on 40ct fabric so it’s 1 strand of thread (dmc) over 2 threads and includes some beads.  This piece will have companion pieces for each season but I started with this one a few years ago because it’s my favorite.

Autumn in my Garden April 2017 Progress

There are various leaves to stitch next and then it will be rolled up so I can start the top 1/2 which is less dense and should go quicker.  The leaves have a lot of colors so those will take a while.

In house news : We finished the floor poly coats Friday and Saturday of our ‘vacation’.  It’s now cured enough that we can safely put paper down and start the painting process this weekend!  In a few weeks we’ll be able to put a rug down and move in!