Front Porch

Now that the master bedroom floor is done and it’s just painting left the focus switched to the front porch.  We are adding a front porch to protect the door and match the dormers.  The first step was digging some 4′ deep holes for footings and filling those.   Mark and Ryan spent a few days digging and then about an hour to finish them up.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the open holes, it was impressive!

New footings – we’re leaving the stairs hidden under the porch

One for alex

and one for Bella

The inspector kindly came out late friday night to inspect the holes so the footings were done Saturday and on Sunday the framing could be started!

The bottom part is done (we have not yet picked out decking!)

Last night we had materials delivered (finally the rain stopped) and Ryan and Mark started on the roof portion!

They have all the rafters cut I believe and hope to work again tonight on it.

The current push to get the porch done is to get it to the point where the roof can be done.  We are having a metal standing seam roof installed in early May and need this porch done (framing) before hand.  The decking and ‘decoration’ like post details and railings can be done later.  I believe once the rafters and zip are on the roof then it’s doing the soffits and tieing them into the house and then we’re ready for the roofer.