Bathroom done and floors all installed

Work has continued at a crazy pace here.  We are still here every night and all weekend – basically until we move in!

The big things recently include finishing the bathroom (completely minus shoe molding which will all be installed at once at the end) and getting the hallway floor installed last week.  Trim work all weekend means that Bella’s room is almost all trimmed out and Alex’s room has been started!  Here are some pictures!

Bathroom all complete!

Another view

Vanity, mirror and light all installed

In Bella’s room :

Closet door and trim all installed

Baseboard and chair rail all completed (and I caulked it last night too!)

Closet door with chair rail installed too

In Alex’s room the trim has been started!

Beadboard ceiling in the dormer – not complete as we had to buy a bit more beadboard (tonight I think this is getting finished)

Alex’s door installed

The closets in alex’s room won’t have doors but we’ll have to make the jams for them and get those installed.

Our tentative plan now is to get trim all installed by the end of this weekend, get it all painted by the end of next week and spend next weekend (8/6-8/8) finishing the floors.  The week after will be finish electrical and shoe molding so maybe we can move in on 8/14.  This is optimistic and if it pushes to the 20th we’re good with that.  Here’s hoping everyone stays healthy and nothing major happens in the next couple of weeks that derails our plan!

In other news I am all set up at the new house to work from there each day now!  I’m in the diningroom for now but I have power, internet and phone and so far it’s working out great!