Bathroom progress

Bathroom progress and Bella’s room progress has continued.  The doors arrived so we got the bathroom door hung so Ryan could finish tiling the floor, then grout and finally seal all the grout!   I also finished the electrical in there (minus the actual vanity light since we haven’t purchased one yet).  The bathroom is ready for trim and trim paint and then toilet and vanity installation.  1 room with an end in sight!  We bought the wood for the trim this past weekend as well – we’re doing a bead board wainscotting in here and craftsman style trim throughout, a little different than the last house!

Bathroom door hung

Floor tiled

Clearly I need some more recent pictures 🙂  I don’t have one of the floor grouted or the door re-hung after cutting it to fit the tile.  It’s also sanded and priming has started.

Bella’s room – I got the sanding done (it took me 2 nights), did a few small touch ups then sanded those.  Since then Ryan’s cousin has gotten the room primed (no pic of that though) and I’ve installed the box for the smoke detector.

Bella’s room – sanding done

We need to buy paint for Bella’s room, hang her door, put up trim, install the floor and do the painting.  (Not in that order) 🙂  Another room that’s getting closer though!