Spackle Spackle

The taping and spackling continue.  The bathroom is almost done, some of the corners need a side done or touchups but we can easily finish that up this week.  Bella’s room I think the taping is done now (maybe one small seam in the built-in area left) and spackling continues in there.  Alex’s room we’ve started taping, making good progress there in our 1 hour increments of work time with the kids 🙂

Latest bathroom progress

Latest progress in Bella’s room

2 walls in Bella’s room we left as the existing walls (plus part of the ceiling) -i’ll have to get a progress pic of the other direction so you can see the patch work and taping there too.  We’ll see how well they blend together but  the patch is coming out decent for a first coat.

Alex’s room latest progress

Alex’s room the first night we taped it

Since last night worked well putting Bella to bed at the new house and working upstairs while she slept we tried it again this friday with Alex and Bella.  It worked great.  We quit around 10:30 and brought the girls home and Alex loved it.  She wanted to do it again Saturday night but we were so exhausted from running errands all day with both kids we weren’t up to another late night spackling.

Speaking of errands – we got a start on ordering the doors (interior) upstairs – we haven’t finished the order but we gave him the measurements and we’re waiting on a final quote with timeline.  We also bought the tile for the small bathroom now that it’s getting close to tile time!

Alex learned how to spackle Sunday too…

Start them young!

And both girls helped out in the yard on Saturday:

Spreading some new seed

In other news the lake is completely up/filled!  This rainy week we had filled it right up.  Ryan got his new stereo installed in the boat and just has to install the speakers then we’ll put the boat in the water!!!