Taping and Spackling

As I’ve mentioned we are focusing on 2 bedrooms (Alex and Bella’s) and the smaller bathroom at the moment, hoping if we get those finished we can move in before finishing the rest.  So we’ve started taping and spackling the bathroom and Bella’s room.  My pictures aren’t the very latest progress but show some progress in that area.  Ryan and I hope to spend Friday evening making more progress while Bella sleeps at the new house for the first part of the evening.  Alex will be having a sleepover with grandparents.

Bella’s room

Another view

That picture is the first day of progress on Bella’s room.  THe second day I got the ceiling long seam taped and the 2 corner seams.  Her closet still needs sheetrock but at this point we’re hoping to finish the rest of the sheetrock spackling before the closet because we need to put in a new attic access out in the hallway before we close up her closet (current attic access).  The hallway will make more sense because it’s closer to the air handler which is the only reason we’ll really go up there and we should be able to put a staircase in (pull down).

Bathroom progress

another view

The bathroom we ran out of mesh tape for so we need to get more before we can finish that up.  The tub area will be tiled so that just needs the ceiling and upper part of the wall finished nicely.

Progress!  Can’t wait to do more!