Sheetrock time!

Well we had planned to hire someone to sheetrock but they never got back to us and after missing our first appt we didn’t like the track record of having to re-schedule or re-reach out ourselves (I did reach out by email asking about the quote and got no response) so I guess he didn’t want the job and we didn’t have a lot of options around here.

So this weekend Ryan picked up some sheetrock so he and his dad could start the project.  I’m trying to get in the mood and excited about taping and spackling – I really don’t mind doing it, it’s just tough to find the time with the kids.

First up this weekend Ryan and his dad put down the new subfloor in the bathrooms – new plywood which really stiffened things up then hardi-backer.  They also built the stand for the tub in our bathroom since we have the measurements.

Master bathroom tub stand and floor done

Small bathroom floor done

Plumbing for shower started

Next up Ryan and his dad started hanging drywall in Alex’s room.  First they re-screwed the existing ceiling and then patched in the section we had cut away.  Then they did most of the dormer – until they ran out of sheetrock.  A good partial day’s work!


There are lots of angles in this room!

During one break (nap) I got the rest of the subpanel wired up so our closet can also be sheetrocked when ready.

No progress this coming weekend as we have family fun planned.  Ryan does plan to work a bit in the evenings at least tomorrow for sure.