Amazing April Beauty

We have been amazed at the gorgeous blooms weeks, even a month early for some of our plants or shrubs. Always the first to get started, I have lungwart turning pink and blue in all the shady spots I planted it.

I have some primrose as well as little pieces in other gardens, too.

Primrose are blooming in several gardens. I thinned it last year and I am reaping the benefits this spring. My soil is very dry though. My epimediums are blooming in the various spots I have them but they don’t look green and healthy.

Now as we head into May, I no longer have daffodils or hyacinths. Instead I am enjoying a plethora of perennial blooms. The driveway garden is filled with forget-me-nots. All the cuttings and pieces I put in at the end of last summer look surprisingly healthy.

I was also greeted by tulips

Jacob’s Ladder is blooming already, as is pink creeping phlox. Brunnera and bleeding heart are going strong.

epimedium blooming nicely

brunnera - next year the white bleeding heart will be big enough to really complement the pair

Jacob's ladder- I think the forget me nots need to be pruned away from it so it shows better.

I have some tulips and the promise of more. Azalea and lilac bushes are budding and starting to open.

Alexandra Elizabeth

Flowers aren’t the only thing blooming fresh this year. ┬áMy baby granddaughter Alex was born to my oldest daughter Nicole. She is adorable and fresh. She is already going to be the brightest bloom of my summer!

Mommy brings home her beautiful girl

My grandson is about to turn one! Unbelievable but his parents have shown him nothing but love, patience and encouragement so his sweet personality seems natural. His smile lights up my life. My daughter Aimee and her son Jason visited baby Alex when she was born. Ooh- the love, the love, the joy!

Aimee and Jason visit Alex

Each week since she has been born has been a week of cherishing the chance to be with either grandchild. My spring perennials just remind me of how quickly babies grow into beauties. Appreciate every moment spent with our loved ones.

Jason enjoying a graham cracker


Lori is a teacher living in upstate New York whose grown children and grandchildren live in several states of the northeast.

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  1. nicole says:

    Great pics! I still have hyacinths in my front garden and my front tulips are doing great unlike the back ones that all got eaten :(

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