Instead of gardening, my focus today was on preparing for the party. One week away!¬†Time is flying… Memorial Day seems like it is coming early this year.

It was actually a relief to have rain. I caught up on laundry and errands. I did some grocery shopping. I finished my evening by baking cookies for the party. Peanut butter with dark chocolate chips. Yum. It’s just from Better Homes and Gardens with chips instead of kisses but they were such a huge hit at the party over the last couple years.

rhubarb strawberry apple

Mini-rhubarb strawberry apple  (Personal Pie for hubly)

I froze some rhubarb-strawberry-apple pies for the party as well. They are a favorite of my husband making it a nice reward after all the work the party requires. Plus, his aunts and uncles used to request my rhubarb pie, twenty some years ago when this festival began. That makes it kind of sentimental. A celebration of spring harvest.

During all my activity this week I’ve been re-listening to the Nora Roberts “In the Garden” trilogy. I love her characters and this series was a wonderful inspiration for garden work. I’ve been re-reading Louise Penny’s Three Pines Mysteries, (Inspector Gamache could be my ideal man, I swear!) in anticipation of the release of the newest in her series this August. I’ve been flying through the first four again, with only morning coffee and bedtime for reading. I just love the poetry, the scenery, the characters, the depth of these stories.

However, Message From a Blue Jay arrived yesterday and I read for an additional hour at dinner time… I’ve been waiting for it for months:

photo (1)

It is even better and more absorbing than expected. As part of this book’s launch and blog hop I will be posting an author interview this week on May 21st. Come on back and check it out!


Lori is a teacher living in upstate New York whose grown children and grandchildren live in several states of the northeast.

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