Let the warmth begin!

Thank goodness we had a few warm days before this cold, stormy weather returned!


The winter debris has been cleaned up, the lawns have been raked, and some of the gardens have even been cleaned out. I considered adding fresh mulch to keep down the weeds. It is so rare that I have the time and the weather to clean up so much of the yard. Now it is spring break…

One visit to celebrate my granddaughter’s second birthday in NH then a quick trip to visit my newest granddaughter and her big brother in CT… and in the last 24 hours the wind has blown constantly. The temperature has dropped from the seventies to the thirties and snowflakes are falling. The Northeast could never be called temperate.



Lori is a teacher living in upstate New York whose grown children and grandchildren live in several states of the northeast.

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  1. It’s time for me to think about mulch, too…

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