January’s blur of flurries

January was a blur! We filled the month with celebrations!  After our extended family holidays, my husband and I spent the month hibernating and celebrating our birthdays and anniversaries.  My birthday present included a better bird feeder and lots of seed and every weekend I fill them.  We just had our one big snow storm of the season: a measly 12”, which is nothing compared to my daughters.  The one living in CT got about 30” yesterday and will probably be digging out for days!


The birds were happy the feeders were filled for the storm- but only this one stayed for the camera

The birds were happy the feeders were filled for the storm- but only this one stayed for the camera



This brave Junco wasn’t leaving for anything!

I haven’t had the time to start any new quilts this year. It’s just too much fun to play with my grandchildren. I am either heading off to visit them or dropping everything if they visit me. I continue to look at patterns and sometimes I go as far as to pick out fabric from my stash… but after that color therapy, I just never get any further. I finally decided I should get out one of my unfinished quilts and do some hand quilting whenever I get a chance.


It’s an old favorite, made from embroidered blocks that have an outdoor camping theme (that’s so us!). I surrounded them with bright colors and it would look great in my guest bedroom. With all the embroidery, I just couldn’t bring myself to machine quilt it, yet hand-quilting is labor intensive, not to mention hard on the fingertips! It’s not uncommon to get blood spots on quilts from the needle pricks after too many days of quilting in a row.


I managed to get two visits in with Alex since my last entry. I drove up and babysat at their house one weekend and that included a few rare treats. It was her first time that her parents weren’t home for her bedtime but I think they were the ones traumatized. It was my first time visiting since their new kitchen cabinets had been installed. My favorite part of their kitchen is their HUGE sink- wow, I would have no trouble washing the roasting pan I am using for tonight’s dinner if I had a sink that size! They will enjoy all the spaciousness their remodel gives them.  Of course the real fun part though was playing with Alex while she learned to creep around the floor, starting to get very mobile.


They came down to visit us the following weekend, too. She now stands at our coffee table to play with our Discovery Playhouse. In fact, she enjoys standing so much that she rarely sits anymore. She immediately tries to stand at something or reach over onto her belly to creep around.

January includes its stress for NY teachers, with our state exams, but February includes a winter break. I intend to use mine to spend time with each of my grandchildren!





Lori is a teacher living in upstate New York whose grown children and grandchildren live in several states of the northeast.

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