Dancing Bears

Many of you know that gardening is not my only pastime. I have bored you with birding, thrown in tidbits about books I’ve read or listened to, and lately my grandchildren have filled my life so much I rarely have a pastime to write about! My other favorite way to play with color is with quilting. Due to copyright laws, I don’t post very many quilt pictures. Most of my quilts are made from patterns and I am not sure how many people I give credit to once posted- the designer, the quilter, the publisher, all of the above, more?

My own original masterpiece

Anyway, about seven years ago I designed and made a quilt for a little boy named Dylan, but I never took a good picture of it!  My very own design and I couldn’t show anyone because I gave it away! Dylan has used and loved the quilt, as I’d hoped, and now that he is a big boy, taking a big bus to his special class each day, his mom Kira has asked if I could show her how to hang it for display in their upstairs hallway. Yahoo! Not only do I get a few soothing hours to hand stitch, which I enjoy, I get to have the quilt here a while. I now have pictures to share!

applique batik dancing bears, machine quilted

Now, don’t tell anyone, really. I did use some magnets, probably copyrighted, to create stencils for my applique. Then I chose batiks for all the patchwork. The bears are applique, the piecing is nine-patch. For memory lane, the red and blue marble fabric was bought on my first visit to Colorado when my best friend Faye lived there.  All the black embroidery on the bears is done with pearl cotton. I machine quilted it in connected star patterns, using variegated blue thread. I wanted it to be secure enough to be washed so he could use it all he wanted.

Each bear is embroidered with black pearl cotton

And to finish off even a quilt entry… a couple more grandson pics because I had trouble choosing last time.

Jason enjoyed his cousins' dollhouse, too

so many cute expressions, it was hard to choose!


Lori is a teacher living in upstate New York whose grown children and grandchildren live in several states of the northeast.

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  1. Faye says:

    I didn’t realized you had started blogging again! I’m glad to see it, and will start checking in again.

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