Preparing for Winter Snow

Winter Solstice arrived along with the holidays. For weeks we focused on preparing for our family gathering… and celebrating together.  At my house…

All dressed up and ready for the next party!

and at theirs…

So many much fun!

We came home from our travels and started getting our yard ready for snow. Decks are cleared for shoveling. Gardens are protected. The snow that has threatened has started to arrive, a few inches one day, a few more another.

After a few winters of watching my squirrels get fatter while I try to feed the birds, my husband and I were determined to change my feeding stations to see if we could make it a little more difficult for the rodents. We bought a double shepherd’s hook so we could hang my feeders farther away from the pine tree the squirrel’s love to jump from.  Along with my old feeder, it holds a new double bag feeder for nyjer food. Finches love it!

It only took a minute and we had birds coming from everywhere!

Paul also bought a pole for feeder made by my students. It holds lots more food than my older feeder and I will think of R. Parker and J. Williams’ goofy jokes when I see it.

Some students made this bird feeder- handy!

The suet hanger is still on my smaller shepherd’s hook for now, and squirrel’s will be hanging on it this morning I’m sure- but I might move it to the rope hanger I’m no longer using.

Can you see the woodpecker?

Aside from birds, the pastimes in my yard have been playing with grand kids and their dogs.We pull the red wagon when Jason visits and push the swing for either of them, now that Alex is getting a bit bigger.

Outside makes me "happy, happy, happy!"

We even bundled the kids up for the swing at Thanksgiving!

So what if it's almost December- We're swinging til the sleds come out!

Now that the snow is here, my favorite relaxation will come from reading and sewing… when I’m not playing with grand-kids of course.


Lori is a teacher living in upstate New York whose grown children and grandchildren live in several states of the northeast.

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  1. Georgia says:

    They’re so cute!!!!!! I love the swing one! she looks so happy!

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