Dry July

I took June’s growing season for granted. Really.
My smallest garden

After Memorial Day, my favorite gardens were full of color and texture.  I focused on the end of the school year eagerly waiting for my summer to officially begin.  Unfortunately, high temperatures coupled with barely a few drops of rain in July has my yard parched. Some of my perennials are too stressed and a few of the annuals didn’t survive my week’s vacation.

Many of these were baby transplants last fall.

We had a fabulous time camping on our property in Knox. My husband and I each had our projects, because every little improvement enriches our experience and strengthens our sense of place.

Widening a barway so we can get through easier


While he works on manly things like widening some bar-ways







building the launch

and building a boat launch,









finished for now!










I stained our family picnic table. The new stain glided on quickly and easily. We just love how clean and smooth the table and benches are now.

we refinished the picnic table set


I refurbished a garden near the campsite that my husband built for me in our early years of camping in Knox. He arranged a flower bed surrounded by rock wall at entrance to the woods. It gets full sun, but it had gotten so overgrown that it was mainly weeds and grass.  We cleared it out and tilled it. I prepared the soil and transplanted some of my favorite perennial wildflowers from my own gardens.  Each day of our vacation I watered my precious stalks, hoping the mulch and water would allow the roots to establish.

New transplants July 2012


new leaves and buds on the monarda

Upon our return today, after being away two weeks since vacation, I was delighted to see sprouts near the anemone stalks, and new buds on the monarda, all the herbs, and the sedums. One of the rudbeckia appears to want to bloom! It is probably one that we transplanted right from our nearby field.






tiny anemone sprouts










I have had some fabulous summer visits with each of my beloved grandchildren. Alex is 3 ½ months old and has a happy smile.

Hi Mommy!

When awake, she loves to play, like on her activity mat. She enjoys a walk in her stroller and she is growing like a weed! I visited her before my vacation and then after it, about a week and a half later. She had already gotten bigger and learned to grab a few more things.






Reading to Jovi

Jason is just over a year. He is active every minute of his awake time now. He will dance with me, lead me around the house when he wants to practice walking, or crawl to his favorite ball or train so that we can play. He enjoys his favorite books, and usually opens to the page with the dog and its ball. As much as he likes playing with Grandma, no one brings out his joyous laugh like his dog Jovi. He will share his food with her, throw his balls to her, and sprawl all over her for an adorable hug. He is at an incredibly fun age.



He loves his doggy

She loves her 'raffie


Two days of cousin time! Chillin' during a thunderstorm

I am so peaceful and happy when I am rocking my grandchildren to sleep. Unfortunately these visits involve driving on some interstates so when I get home, I relax on the deck and soak in the sight of playful goldfinches and the other creatures making the most of my yard.


Lori is a teacher living in upstate New York whose grown children and grandchildren live in several states of the northeast.

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