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My Little Pumpkin

by admin - October 23rd, 2011.
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Hi everyone! My little monkey picked out his first pumpkin yesterday. Ok, to be honest – his father picked it out. But it was just as fun. And it was nice to spend a little time outside, which we do not do enough. Here are some pictures of my handsome little man.

Me and my little pumpkin!

My two favorite men!

I am looking forward to Halloween. I have a couple cute outfits for him. No costume (I figured he would just be uncomfortable in one) – but he will still be so cute in his “I love my mummy” shirt! I can’t believe he is almost 6 months old already! It’s has been so amazing to watch him grow and learn. He is holding some small toys now and tonight he was pretty successful at eating from a spoon. A little rice cereal mixed with his first fruit…some prunes! I know…not so nice of me to pick that out at his first food. But he seemed to like it. :)

3 Responses to My Little Pumpkin

  1. Wow what great pictures, you just need a family one with that grin of his! Awesome!!!

  2. Hes so cute!!!! Next time try some strawberry’s, he’ll love those. who couldn’t?

  3. love these two… too bad we couldn’t get him to do this during family photoshoot a month ago…