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by admin - July 31st, 2010.
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First off – I just want to thank everyone who has been there for my husband and I the past few weeks. It has been a difficult time – but we are getting through. I truly have to thank my parents for watching Jovi and giving us a place to stay and food to eat, without a second thought. Not everyone has parents that are able to do that for their children and I forget that sometimes. It was so nice to not have to worry about that kind of thing when we had so much other stuff to worry about. THANKS!

Tomorrow I am going to the Lilith Fair with my mom and two of her friends. I think it has been ten years since I went to the last one – which I loved. I still have the cd with songs from all unknown artists – that is the first time I ever heard Dido. Also – one of my favorite concert memories, sitting at the lawn at SPAC, listening the the crowd sing Angel when Sarah McLachlan performed. It was so beautiful.

I am home alone this weekend since my husband his back home trying to clean out his father’s house. It has been a crazy month. I wish I was with him – I hate being alone in this house. Alone in any house really. I am 26 – I shouldn’t be afraid to be alone at night, but I am. I have no idea where this paranoia comes from. Maybe someday I will get over it. Even Jovi missed her daddy. She spent the entire evening sitting on her ottoman looking out the window waiting for him to come home. She wouldn’t even keep my company! To pass the time I finished watching the last season of Brothers & Sisters. I love that show – even though it always makes me cry. It is so dramatic – no family should have to deal with so many horrible things. I know it’s fake – but it gets to me.

I really need to finish cleaning the house before my mom gets here. I should do some gardening too (they have been really neglected lately), but I think it’s too hot outside. I should post some new pictures I haveĀ  – maybe later. :) Time to go switch the laundry.

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  1. I do wish I could have made it for the weekend, sounds like a fun girl weekend.